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D’Anna Keeble

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I have been decorating and painting practically all my life.

My great grand father (who worked extensively for Henry Ford)

and mother were both artists. My brother and sister are both

designers which is wonderful to collaborate ideas together with. Creativity has always been apart of my life. I received

scholarships from prestigious art schools at the age of sixteen.

In 1994, I received a Bachelor of Arts degree and graduated with honorary merit. I have also been in a galleries exhibiting my fine art works in Detroit, Michigan.

Some of my specialties include, decorative painting which include furniture, murals, Venetian plaster, old world style, textured walls and paintings. Space planning, Feng Shui, the most malleable, the most exciting, immediately noticeable and the least expensive element in decorating. Different combinations of colors can make the same room seem welcoming or impersonal, warm or cool, restful or stimulating, harmonious or jarring. 

I am passionate about what I do and my goal is to give you the best customer service possible.

one of our many artists