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not just another contractor...

Steven Berkus of Berkus Development is an artist, innovator and creator of unique custom home designs and industrial centers.  Not only does he design magnificent showpieces customized to the needs of each particular client, his homes are eco-friendly and of understated elegance.  They satisfy the most discernible clientele such as Shamar Moore of Criminal Minds, Dr. Randall Hayworth, Plastic Surgeon to the stars, Eddie Cibrian, Leanne Rimes, Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears.

Steven Berkus is known in the Los Angeles community for his unique perspective in the blending of indoor/outdoor living space and the need to enjoy all aspects for one’s privacy.  To the lucky owners, his homes feel like an endless vacation!

He will tackle any job, big or small with the same integrity, enthusiasm and expediency.  In other words, Steven Berkus puts his heart and soul in all of his projects and the results are phenomenal!

Steven Berkus comes from a diverse background of education including architecture, fine arts and general contracting.  He was blessed with a family tree of creators such as the infamous Nate Berkus, his dad Clyde Berkus, a chemical engineer by trade and a successful real estate mogul.

As a team, Berkus development is constantly raising the bar for custom home standards.

Their Caribeth home was presented on the Bravo hit show “Million Dollar Listing” aired early September 2013.  In the spring of 2014, Steven Berkus will unveil another unique custom home surrounded by water.

Steven Berkus provides free consultation and design.