Faux Teak Wood

Customize your yacht with faux teak. A hand-painted wood grain can be created on the transom, cap rail, helm pod, practically any area. These techniques can be applied in the slip on the interior and exterior, weather permitting.

Faux Teak Veneer Repair

Repair blemishes, water and sun damage with a  hand-painted faux wood grain and color to match the original veneer. This detailed process will save time and money without demolition and replacing entire wood panels.

Faux Transom Painting

Personalize your transom with hand painted or vinyl lettering in 23.5 K gold, silver or platinum leafing. Add a hand painted graphic, a family crest… any design imaginable we can create!

Fine Art Oil Paintings

A custom piece of art with your yacht and your vision by Dominic Dettore. His fine art has been commissioned in both private and corporate collections in Detroit, Chicago, New York, Miami and Paris. His work has been published in Design Times, Vanity Fair, Showcase Interior Design, Western Interiors, and InStyle.

Variety of Faux Wood

We have a variety of wood grains available. We can also create before and after computer images on the areas of your yacht. This allows viewing the transformation before the actual process. Water, sun damage and blemishes can be hidden on the interior veneer by hand-painting the wood grain and color to match the existing.

Quality You Can Trust

Design Process

Our process starts with computer renderings to provide a clear picture of what the final design will look like.

Custom Graphics

We can make your dream a reality with custom graphics. And if you are short on imagination, we can dream it for you! The opportunities are endless.


Hand-painted or vinyl lettering in 23.5 K gold, silver or platinum leafing provides an elegant touch. Many fonts to select from or have a custom one created just for you!

Services can be done in the slip




“He is an incredible artist with an arsenal of creative ideas…”

My client cannot even see where the repair was done. Thanks for saving my customer $10,000.


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