Yacht Faux Wood

Customize your yacht with a faux wood finish on almost any surface. Awlgrip marine paint can last 8-10 years and perhaps longer, depending upon your maintenance program. Personalize with a hand painted or vinyl lettering in 23.5 K gold, silver or platinum leafing. Add a hand painted graphic, a family crest… any design imaginable we can create!

Wood Samples

 Be original and stand out! We have a variety of sample boards representing different wood grains: Teak, Jarrah Burlwood, Red Oak, Nobel Oak, Brazilian Rosewood, Camatillo, Tamboti, Walnut, Cherry, Weathered Gray, Thuya Burlwood, Indian Ebony.

Design Render

We can create before and after images of your yacht. This allows viewing the transformation before the actual process. The options are endless! AkzoNobel manufactures Awlgrip and their clear coat can last 8-10 years depending upon your maintenance program. Contact the artist for a consultation.

Interior & Exterior

Interior Faux Veneer Repair

We can repair interior veneer by hand-painting the damaged areas, matching the original wood grain.

Faux Wood Transom

Customize your transom with a faux wood. There are many options to choose from.

Faux Toe/ Cap Rail and Bow

Create a faux teak wood for the cap rail, rub rail, helm pod, bulk head… practically any surface.

Faux Interior Wood Repair

Yacht windows are heavily prone to water damage. Repair blemishes and damaged areas with a faux wood grain to match as close as possible with your existing wood finish. This detailed process will save time and money without the interruption of demolition and the replacement of entire wood panels.



“WOW! Not only are you an amazing painter but I also very much appreciate your punctuality.”

“Much to the delight of the owner of the boat, Dominic was able to use his artistry to correct it in one day.”

Faux Wood Sample Projects